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The college provides all students with an identity card. College identity card is a necessary feature of life as it serves as a security pass, which will allow students to access the college premises. Students may be required to produce their identity card when using various College and student facilities, on and off campus. Students must display their identity card on their desk during all examinations. Students should carry their card at all times and ensure its safe-keeping. If your card is lost or stolen, please report this as soon as possible to the college office. 


The objective of the students Aids Fund is to render financial assistance to needy undergraduate students towards their tuition fees and cost of text books. Forms are available from the College Office, in the first week of August. Whether or not an applicant is eligible for the SAF will be reviewed by a college committee.


Students can enjoy travel concession privileges with the concession bus pass. DTC has deployed about 3106 CNG buses for the city/NCR service. They are plying on about 773 routes on Delhi Roads. DTC issues students with an All Route concessional bus pass that can be availed through the college. With its economical student bus passes, DTC is a very viable and popular option of transport for students.


Student of recognized Institutions can avail a travel concession (50% for general category and up to 75% for SC/ST) to travel to hometown or for educational purposes in 2nd class trains in only Sleeper Class (Mail/Express) through the Principal. To avail this concession, a student has to produce the Student concession form and identity card along with the purchased ticket (only i-ticket) to get discounted ticket.


The college has a spacious air-conditioned auditorium which is used for organizing various cultural events and to be used regularly for cultural activities throughout the year. Located on the ground floor of the Arts Block the Auditorium seats 200 people. It has a wonderful acoustics and warm and welcoming ambience. It is a perfect venue for musical, dance and theatre performances, film screenings, as well as lectures, conferences, workshops and farewell parties.


Located on the first floor in the Arts Block the Seminar Room is fully media equipped. It is spacious, air-conditioned and facilitated with a LCD Projector and audio-speakers for organizing various literary activities like seminars, presentations, talks, debating competitions, workshops, etc.


The Computer Laboratory in the college provides students with an opportunity for hands-on training and enhancing their computer skills. With the introduction of a number of revised and restructured courses, computer education and knowledge has become an integral part of the undergraduate college curriculum. The lab contains networked personal computers, printers, and other computer equipment that are available to students. The students can make use of this facility as an integral part of their daily operations.


Medical facility is available to students during college hours. The college provides basic first aid to students and can cater to the medical needs of the students for casual and minor ailments under the guidance of a part-time doctor. Regular health check-ups are conducted in college by trained medical professionals.



The college provides a girl’s common room for the girl students which can be used as a rest room by them. Located inside the Arts Block, the Girls’ Common Room (GCR) is a spacious and comfortable place where female students can study, unwind, have informal discussions with friends and interact with seniors in free time available. It helps them learn the ropes of college life and get familiar with the campus, which is their second home for the next three years.


An extension counter of Central Bank of India,a government-owned and one of the oldest and largest commercial banks,is located inside the Administrative Block. Apart from opening their account, students can also take advantage from a number of innovative and unique banking services and activities that have been launched especially for them.


An added attraction for the potential sportspersons is the college playground. It is well maintained and spacious. DPE offers facilities for playing Cricket, Volleyball, Basketball and Athletics to all sports-inclined students. Also available is excellent equipment for the same.

The College also has beautiful lawns with trees and flowering plants. The lush green grass and the cool shade of the trees provide relief in the summer. Students are welcome to fully utilise the above facilities for sitting, rehearsing or studying, but littering is strictly forbidden


The college has a modern and spacious cafeteria to serve refreshments at regulated rates, with sitting arrangements both inside and outside the café. It can accommodate more than 80 students at a time. This is where the action and fun is! Students can eat good and hygienic food at reasonable prices. It is also a place where students from all the streams meet, interact and share knowledge. The café is open to students, staff, and any other visitors to the college.


Located within the college premises, the college has a Photostat center which offers photostating facilities at extremely reasonable rates.